Green Stripes - Rude rude lady

My experience here today was dreadful and the worst I have ever come across. The purple headed lady who claimed to make all the hats has no customer service skills. I wanted something she didn't cater for and so she became very critical of me personally and my style ( that was quite different to hers). She mumbled and muttered to herself as I looked around the shop which was very disconcerting. In my opinion the hats in the shop are poorly made, and adorned with tacky beads and feathers, they are quite dated and cheap looking. I believe they are imported although maybe the lady adds her own style to them ( think 1980s) She also complained to me about another customer that had also just walked out without buying her socks. I found this very unprofessional. I would suggest that this shop assistant needs to be sent to do a customer service course if the business is to remain.