Asset Resources Development Corporation - Villa Bienes Property / Asset

Nice place. Community is close knit. The houses occupied there now was developed by FADCON before. Now FADCON is no longer the developer. Today, most of the available properties for sale are owned by the developer Asset Resources Development Corporation (ARDC) or i think sometimes called Assetville. Be very careful acquiring any property with ARDC. Our experience with them is that they played nice and accommodating at first but once they collected our money - downpayment , reservation and equity, they turned to our worst nightmare. The owners became mostly unreachable or unresponsive and wont talk to us directly anymore instead directed us to their “Engineer” for all communication who then required us that our only point of contact is the Sales Agent. My advise if you decide to acquire a property from them is to make sure to have them sign and have a lawyer notarized any agreement you have prior to reservation. Because our experience is that they did not honor most of what we agreed upon after they collected our payments. Ask for all documents (Title, Building Permits, License to Sell, Blue Prints, Specific Timeline of delivery, who pays for TCt, who pays for Meralco and Water, have every agreement notarized, dont just take their word, verify that all docs are authentic, if possible, have a lawyer write a termination agreement and be very specific to get a full refund if they deviate from any agreement - demand this before any payment) and verify carefully before proceeding to any payment. Ask for a specific contact person, preferably NOT their “Engineer” because from our experience hes probably the most incompetent person we dealt with. If they make any commitment to you, have them write it, sign it together with the owner and have it notarized because from our experience, they have twisted everything in their favor after they got their part. Just see for yourself and observe if ever the “Engineer” is the person they will make you in contact with. Be very vigilant… Im willing to share more of our experience if you need to hear our story before proceeding with your property purchase with Asset Resources Development Corporation. BTW, they will say they have an office in Makati. Their office in Rockwell is a co-shared office. That is why if there is a need to visit or reach them physically, youll might have difficulty. Youll be stuck trying to reach them via phone or email which from our experience is hard to get a response with. Good luck.