Rivera Medical Center, Inc (RMCI) - very poor customer service

Very poor customer service in ER department in particular the nurse on duty today 5 dec 2023 around 4-6am. we had a patient in ER and has health insurance, our patient needed CT scan so i asked if it's covered then they asked what company and what insurance. while they process the paper for ct scan, a certain nurse in ER asked for an ID so i went ouside and ask for an ID from my husband since we dont have the patient's ID. I brought the ID to the ER nurse station and properly handed it to the said nurse. She looked at the ID and seems she didn't like it bcoz it wasnt from the patient then she threw it over the printer and said "ay di ko ana nga ID". I can understand that she was tired, lack of sleep or whatever but that does not give her the right to be mean to a client. she could have told me that she needed the patient's ID but she told me after throwing the ID. She shouted at my niece telling that "wala koy labot anang guarantee letter". which could have said in a nice way. Porque di kmi mayaman at nkaayos ng porma, ana diay muatiman ug customer. If you're a health practitioner, you should first learn to be polite to your customer kay mao nay gabayad aron makasweldo mo. di pud ta muasta nga murag tag iyag company oy.ug di kakaya mu estima ug tawo diha sa ospital, ayawg trabaho nga muatubang kag tawo kay basin mahinaykan ka.maawayan jud ka. basin nagtoo kag ikaw ray kamao magmaldita, kamao pud baya mi. Marunong lang kami magrespeto.