Buea Regional Hospital - Poor Organization.

The organization of the Buea regional hospital are very poor because of the following reasons: 1). The Consultation to see a doctor, the books are collected randomly. It is often said "the early bird catches the worm". But this is not seen. A Patient who comes at 8am & someone who comes at 12pm, end up going home at the same time. Inorder hospitals, patients books are being collected based on arrival. But at the regional hospital in Buea, patients who comes early, are told to hold their books, then at the end, all the books are collected randomly, even with patients who come to consult at 2pm. It is so frustrating. - Also, admitted patients are not administered fully. Patients are being told to buy drugs while still in the hospital bed. I think the drugs & whatever is needed should be provided & included in the patient's bill to be paid at the end.