Floating Crystals Academy - Frank-mills Akuffu strung me along (Floating Crystals Academy, Hope and Service to Mankind)

In 2021, he was married to one, wedding planning with me for the previous 2 years, asking another to go marry him a few months later before wife returned to Ghana, and promising to go to Spain to the other one at the end of April 2021! That's 4 women all at once, and they were all giving him money. I went to Ghana in 2019. I asked Frank-Mills Akuffu to hold my money for me and it was spent, apparently for building permits for Floating Crystals Academy and personal Dr or lab exams. He proposed to me that trip but I would not marry him immediately. He told me that since some single women donors found out he was engaged, they were no longer donating to his NGO. Was engaged for 2 years while he was promising marriage to and deceiving other women all over the world. I sent him money over 2 years for hospital bills for his mother, school fees for children, wedding items, which he either spent on something else, or spent on items to give to other women. I've found about 7 other women who have had similar experiences, often overlapping in time. It's too bad. This could be an excellent opportunity, but it ended in heartbreak for me.

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