BarBhuiya Tower, Kazi Ilias, Zindabazar, Sylhet - AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Despite the over-priced rent, we decided to book this apartment simply because of its close proximity to my relatives and to shopping facilities. What a HUGE mistake this was. First of all, during our four week stay, the owners mother (who is in charge of the apartment) would make random, frequent visits to the apartment to disturb us. She would use the excuse that she was ‘just passing’ and needs to use the toilet. She did this at least 7/8 times and then would end up staying for atleast half an hour making small talk, drinking tea, asking for charity money. We were told by local people that she harasses all her tenants in the same way. Some of the other issues we ran into were: AC leaking water and flooding the room which took 2 days to fix, toilet flush wasn’t working for two weeks, bed sheets and blankets were absolutely filthy and ripped, living room light was not working and was not fixed through the whole duration of our stay, wobbly and almost broken dining table and chairs (they tried to charge us for the the broken chairs despite me reporting that the chairs were broken in the first place). All of our guests were shocked at all these issues. The owner allowed us to stay an extra day due to our flight being delayed, however the morning we were due to leave the owners mother came and showed her true colours, she kicked us out in an extremely intimidating and rude way, whilst her son stood there TOPLESS and blasting bangla music ready to clean. Extremely unprofessional. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.