Sarawak Family Planning Association (SFPA) - WORKERS WELFARE.

This company not taking care of the welfare of the workers. The treatment of the workers is very bad. One time a report will be made on the SFPA to the labor office to take action. They will cut the wages of the workers at will, there are no benefits and epf for the workers and the status of the workers depends until now whether the workers are on contract status/ permanent/part-time. The treatment of subordinate workers in the district (I don't want to mention) is quite bad, until that they threaten to cut the workers' wages. I will make this report to the labor office for action to be taken.For SFPA HQ AND OTHER SFPA IN SARAWAK PLEASE TAKING CARE OF YOURS WELFARE WORKERS NOT ONLY TO SCOLD THEM WHETHER YOU ARE BOSS OR SENIOR TO THEM.YOU NEED TO BE A LEADER TO YOUR EMPLOYEES TO BE RESPECTED AND ADMIRED, NOT TO BE A LEADER TO TREAT YOUR EMPLOYEES LIKE SERVANTS.