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Connies Bathrooms have been established in Glasgow for over 4 years. I have had my own, my mums, my mums had her two friends, my mates have used them and most recently my brothers FULL bathroom done as a wedding gift. The price has been around the same for everyone and the quality is top notch. Everyone in Glasgow knows this company, I can't believe the nonsense some people talk. Phone the company or go on their facebook page, nothing but good things to say, someones bitter me thinks ;)

3 years ago by Ryan K
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Billy Goat 3 years ago
Avoid avoid avoid..did full bathroon for us..took ages to complete..2 yrs later we had fulm sweet taken out and had to claim buildings insurance for water damage..contractor said he had never seen such poor insurance bill with 10wk hotel stay 27k..not such a bargain...yoi pay cheap you get cheap and cowboys.