I ordered a week in advance. They accepted it. I even reminded them a few days before the day of pickup confirming the time. Come the day of the pickup, they told me something happened to the cake and we would have to wait 15 minutes more. I agreed to 15 minutes but they made us wait for 45 minutes in front of their shop. The cake was not perfect. The fondant has holes that I’ve never seen in a fondant before. The exclamation point was even in the wrong place. It says, “happy birthday! Lolo”. I was so irritated but willing to let it pass giving them the benefit of the doubt that humidity did in fact ruined the cake. What changed my mind to let this pass was when I saw that the cake was chocolate instead of the vanilla with dulce de leche filling that we agreed upon. Their reason? The baker did not backread and they did not even realize I ordered vanilla with dulce de leche pala. For their claim of being in the business for 3 years, this is disappointing and inexcusable. Regardless if you are doing the cake in your shop or home, pay attention to the details. And for bakers who have made several beautiful fondant cakes as posted in this page, I am quite amused that you guys haven’t mastered fondant raining or not.

8 months ago by Ellaine
#4303 Rating 1/5

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