Samkaup Strax Laugarvatn - Terrible customer service and RACIST.

I am writing to provide feedback in relation to an awful experience my family and I had in your store today, and we were not the first. I have visited your store many times to bring my tour groups through. Every time, this woman is rude and racist towards Asians. This feedback has been provided oftentimes by others. Today, I brought my family through. We may be Asian but we are actually Australian. This woman, I’m sure you know her as she has a leg brace, was instantly racist and insolent towards us. I have NEVER felt so unwelcome in Iceland the entire time I have lived here until now. She is actually the RUDEST person I have ever met, and I have travelled the world extensively. She was sticky sweet to Westerners and completely racist and rude to Asians, all based on appearance. Witnessed by all customers in the store at the time. My family did not come here to be subjected to prejudice. They came to celebrate what is supposed to be a happy time in their lives, a trip of a lifetime, after I had told them how amazing Icelanders are and how welcome I have felt since becoming an official resident. I told your service lady to “take a leaf from this book - treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.” I hope her attitude improves, because she is not currently fit to be interacting with others.

🇮🇸 Samkaup Strax Laugarvatn