Wad 2a Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun Ipoh - Common sense .

I am grateful to go for treatment at this hospital.The nurses are very helpful and friendly especially the student nurses. But there are few things need to CHANGE without costing money . 1. Why are the cleaners cleaning the whole ward around 7am or so. There’s hundreds of nurses and Doctors working at that same time. This can cause accidents and we don’t need mops swerving around us. Why can’t they start working around 6am or 5 before it gets too busy. I couldn’t believed my eyes that one of them were mopping the ceilings and cobwebs directly under patients bed!!! 2. night duty nurses is talking and laughing to each other so loud at 3am in the morning. Patients and families already have to put up with bright lights, snoring , moaning, and the rest. We don’t need someone we trusted and respect with such behaviour. One of the matrons is yelling from one bed to another asking for help and this goes on all day and night. She also talk so loud. Hospital is suppose to be calm, quiet and respect each other privacy. Patients and families are already going through traumas and emotional changes. 3.Both toilets were for man and woman. The first night I was there which was only around 8 pm the toilet was disgusted . How about making a small change for the other toilets for female only. It is not that hard. Most carers on this ward are ladies looking after their husband or father . Throughout my entire stay I used the woman’s toilet on the other side of the woman’s ward. I noticed some of the Doctors dropped the tapes, and small packages on the floor but refused to pick it up. Hence most floors looks white with rubbish by 12 noon. 4.My father has to change clothing at 2 am in a deep sleep. He is more than 80 yrs old. Why can’t they change him in the morning. Moreover his clothes are not soiled. Please, if anyone from the management read this can you take action over this little chores to make our public hospital be a better place and comfortable for this patient who sometimes are fighting for their lives. Thank you.☹️

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